warning: this blog is about blood, death and sex.| in diesem blog geht es um blut, tot und sex.

Samstag, 9. April 2011


When you wake up, there is you
just you and your bed, nothing else
and sometimes you think about, what could happen if...
there was another one, next to your bed.
you would grab your arms around him 
and touch him, where he wants you to touch.
it would make you so happy, cause sex always does that.
makes people feel happy and not alone.

bad thing: you never are with somebody else
so you'll always stay alone and ask yourself why.
why does it hurt so much, seeing other people love each other?
why doesn't i have a man, that makes me happy?

easy answer: you'll never find one if you sit there, complaining about being alone and do nothing against it! 
just go out, have fun, live your life and enjoy the body that god gave you!

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