warning: this blog is about blood, death and sex.| in diesem blog geht es um blut, tot und sex.

Mittwoch, 13. April 2011



and now, you want a text. an amazing text about my feelings, about the feelings of a person.
but what if, what if i'm not in the mood to write somethin like this?
someday, you reach the point, the point that tells you: stop, it's enough - let it go.
no you are not allowed to give up, to give your life away.
you have to live, even if it seems to be impossible. impossible, this word doesn't even excist honey!
you're hurt, of course you are. your heart is just killed with a stick. - like a vampire, right through your heart.
but that's not the point! don't let him be the reason for your suicide.
he mustn't be the reason! 'cause he's just a  little piece of shit, like every guy outthere!

Don't let you feelings control your life.
you have to be stronger than them.

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