warning: this blog is about blood, death and sex.| in diesem blog geht es um blut, tot und sex.

Sonntag, 10. April 2011


For only a thirteen-year-old, Anna had blossomed into a beautiful, young woman with long, red hair; big, firm breasts; and long, sexy legs. Whenever we went out, I could see guys twice and three times her age unable to take their eyes off of her, and I couldn’t blame them because I was usually doing the same thing. I wanted Anna’s cherry so bad, that I would have killed for it, but the fear of prison and losing Anna forever kept me from trying anything. So I found myself content with fantasies and occasional hugging and kissing. 
At first I stayed in the back just watching Anna soap up her sexy, young body, but then after a while, Anna moved her attention to me as she soaped up my body. We rubbed and fondled each other for a while with the hot water running over our heads. After we rinsed all the soap off of our bodies, Anna whispered, “Come on Daddy, I may look clean, but I’m still dirty.” We embraced, and I kissed her lips and ran my hand through her sexy, wet, red hair. When we could take it no longer, Anna faced the bathroom wall, put her hands on the wall, and spread her legs as if she was going to be frisked. I moved in behind her and pulled her butt up a little so I could stuff her virgin cunt with my cock. 

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