warning: this blog is about blood, death and sex.| in diesem blog geht es um blut, tot und sex.

Sonntag, 10. April 2011


Death is something that unifies us all, We all have to die. Doesn't matter which region, ethnicity, religion, country we belong to, death is waiting for all of us. We all know that, All of us see funerals and see our loved ones die and leave us, but most people don't give a serious thought to death.

Somewhere i just feel that it won't come to take me but i know it i will.

I just wish that some day i will be ready to acknowledge this fact. I just read a newspaper column about a writers last column that he wrote before his death, where he tells his readers that it is his last column and soon he will pass away. I just wish that when my time comes i would be ready like he was. Ready to leave this world firmly with the knowledge that i've spent the time given to me justly. 

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